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Notre Dame Cathedral-The Symbol Of The French Architecture In Sapa

Notre Dame Cathedral-The Symbol Of The French Architecture In Sapa

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the engaging and novel spots in Sapa, bears the French architecture influences, becoming a symbol of the remote town of Sapa.

Sapa is a beautiful town in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai which has been in a new list of the top 50 most beautiful places on the planet thanks to its breathtaking natural and cultural beauty.

Of which, Notre Dame Cathedral in Sapa is one of the highlights which color the vibrant beauty of the misty town. So, what does it have in Sapa Notre Dame Cathedral? Let’s follow us to discover the specific features of this religious site.

The origin of Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the must-see places in Sapa which was built by the French in 1895 aiming to serve the religious life of them. Before deciding to put the first brick for this construction, the French architects chose very carefully the place to build - the flat land behind Ham Rong mountain.

The structure and architecture of the church were designed in the Roman-Gothic style. You can see the bold mark of this architectural style in the roof, bell tower, arch of the church which has the connected pyramid shapes.

Inside the Stone church

Inside the Stone church

Choosing the direction of the church has important spiritual significance for Catholics, so the church faces to the east which is the direction of the sunrise implying the world of Gods. The back of the church is a bell tower which faces to the west. It is the birthplace of Christ.

The church consists of 7 large rooms of over 500 square meters. The bell tower is 20 meters high, where there is a bell in the tower with a height of 1.5 meters, which was cast in 1932, weighs 500 kilograms. You can hear its sound within a radius of nearly one kilometer.

The entire church is built of stones linked together by a mixture of sand, lime, and molasses. Notably, the ceiling in the steeple is a mixture of lime, straw, iron, which is intact until now without any damage at all.

Why you should visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Unique architecture and attractive scenery

Notre Dame Cathedral is located in the heart of Sapa town, surrounded by the monuments along with two other buildings built by the French that is Chu Cau villa (Hoang Lien hotel) and the former district committee (the headquarters of the Lao Cai Tourism Information Center) on the four sides. That forms a symmetrical triangular structure like a small corner of French streets.

Sapa Notre Dame Cathedral at night

Sapa Notre Dame Cathedral at night

The church has been restored in 1995 under the support of the local authorities and then, the parish of Hao Thao, Lao Chai re-established and started its activities. However, only on the solemn occasion of the new year, the priests come to celebrate the sacraments for the community. In May 2006, it officially had a parish priest after nearly 60 years without anyone. In 2006, the other restoration was done.

The mesmerizing and ancient architecture of the church still keeps its look, creating a unique beauty with the old shapes hidden in the mist. That is such a magical scene feasting tourists' eyes. Who once came here cannot forget the thick fog covering the stone church which is no less beautiful than the old European towns.

A place to learn Sapa culture

The Cathedral of Sapa is a usual spot in Halong Sapa tours which is considered the starting stop of many visitors on the journey of discovering this beautiful town. In spite of going through several renovations because of the destruction of the war and time, the church still keeps the charm and soul of religious architecture.

Since its establishment, Notre Dame church has always been a place of traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities. Right in front of the church is the courtyard and pine trees, where every Saturday night usually takes place unique events for them. The followers gather in the church at the weekend to pray. It is time the church’s space looks more sparkling, fanciful, and inviting.

The life around the church

The life around the church

Sapa has become increasingly attractive to visitors who love the pristine beauty of the town. It is such an ideal place where you can breathe in the fresh air, dive into the natural green forests, and experience the ethnic culture. We hope that with the information about Sapa ancient Stone church, you'll have one more site to visit in this beautiful mountainous town. If you have any questions, let’s contact us via Sapa tour with homestay. Thank you!